Twenty years of experience in end-to-end software solutions, from concept to deployment, partnering with start-ups, non-profits and corporate businesses transforming ideas into digital realities.


My real world experience

RV Rentals Software

Enterprise Level Web-Based RV Rental, Sales, & Consignment Platform

I’ve designed and built a comprehensive web-based platform tailored for recreational vehicle rental businesses. This platform enables businesses to manage their entire inventory of vehicles and accessories, schedule reservations, and efficiently handle seasonal pricing changes.

Technologies: N-Tier Software Development • Responsive Web Design • Web Services / APIDBMS • eCommerce • CMS • Custom Websites • Reporting • Analytics • SEO • Email & Digital Marketing • Social Media • Testing • Debugging
Powerful Inventory Management Systems

Powerful Inventory Management Systems

From the ground up, I’ve developed custom online inventory management systems for new and used power fuses and industrial electronics components. These systems generated thousands of pages of products and achieved top search engine rankings. They provided detailed breakdowns of parts and specs, advanced search options, and the ability to request quotes or find similar products.

Technologies: N-Tier Software Development • Responsive Web Design • Web Services / APIDBMS • eCommerce • Mobile App Development • Dyno Label Printer Integration • Desktop App Development
Notary Signing Agent with a Couple

Secure Mobile Notary Platform

I’ve developed a secure and efficient mobile notary platform for businesses and individuals. This platform automates the notary request process, notifying nearby notaries of available jobs and assigning the first available notary to the task. It guides signers and notaries through each step of the process, calculates pricing automatically, and provides detailed information for managers to oversee all aspects of the notarization process.

Technologies: Workflow Automation • Web Services • Third Party Integrations • DBMS • Responsive Design, WordPress • Custom Plugin Development • SEO • Social Media • Twilio SMS/Phone Integration • Payment Processing • Debuggin • Reporting • Email Automation 
Essential Oil Resource

Comprehensive Essential Oils Content Management System

Developed a custom content manager and meticulously curated a website featuring over 750 high-performing SEO pages, offering extensive information about essential oils, including detailed descriptions of aroma, potential health benefits, and captivating images, all thoughtfully categorized based on their aromatic notes and chemical families, providing visitors a valuable resource for both essential oil enthusiasts and those pursuing wellness.

Technologies: Python • Django • Vue.js • SEOCMS
User-Friendly Online Giving Platform

User-Friendly Online Giving Service for a Leading Church

Meticulously designed and developed an intuitive online giving service for a major Pacific Northwest church, streamlining customization of donation categories and subcategories for diverse ministry sectors. The app’s user-friendly interface significantly boosted contributions, amplifying the church’s impact in fulfilling their mission and engaging the community. Robust reporting features ensured efficient contribution tracking and transparency.

Technologies: CMSDBMS • Payment Processing • Reporting

Personalized Birthday Song

Personalized Birthday Celebration System

I’ve created a unique system that empowers businesses to celebrate their customers’ birthdays in a personalized way. Business owners can import client information, choose from a selection of birthday songs, record custom messages, and then the system automatically calls clients on their birthday to play a custom birthday song, complete with their name and any personalized message.

Technologies: CMS • Programmatic Audio Stitching • API Integration • DBMS • Automated Voice Messaging Integration


Showcasing some of my work

Website Development and Design, Web Applications, SEO, Digital Marketing, and Social Media
Sanctuary Inn Non-Profit WordPress Website

Sanctuary Inn (Non-Profit)

Website / CMSeCom / Salesforce / SMMSEO

Carlton Farm: Website / CMS / E-commerce / SEO / Social Media

Carlton Farms

Website / CMS  / eCom SMMSEO

Top Tier Capital Partners LLC: Website / CMS

Top Tier Capital Partners

Website / CMS 

Northland Build & Design:<br /> Website / CMS / SEO

Northland Design & Build

Website / CMS  / SEO

Creative Capital:<br /> Website / CMS

Creative Capital

Website / CMS

Nikon Sport Optics: Website / CMS / Custom Integration

Nikon Sport Optics

Website / CMS / Custom Integration

Request A Notary Custom Automation Platform

Request A Notary

Website / Custom Automation Platform / CMS /

Santé Specialty Foods: Website / CMS / E-commerce

Santé Specialty Foods

Website / CMS  / eCom

Woody RV Rentals: Website / CMS / Custom Integration / WebApp

Woody RV Rentals

Website / CMS  / eCom / Custom Development

Squatch RV Rentals:<br /> Website / CMS / Custom Integration / E-commerce / WebApp

Squatch RV Rentals

Website / CMS  / eCom / SEO / WebApp

Complete Exterminating:<br /> Website / CMS / SEO

Complete Exterminating

Website / CMS / SEO

Monster Fuses:<br /> Websites / CMS / SEO / Web App / Custom Integration

Monster Fuses

Website / CMS  / SEO / WebApp / Custom Dev

House The Veterans WordPress Website

House The Veterans

Website / CMSeCom

ALDA: Website / CMS / Custom Integration


Website / CMS  / eCom / Custom Development

SylvanSport Go Trailers:<br /> Website / CMS

SylvanSport Go Trailers

Website / CMS  / SEO

The Structural Connection, PLLC:<br /> Website / CMS / Custom Integration

The Structural Connection

Website / CMS  / SEO Custom Integration

Monster Controls:<br /> Website / CMS / SEO / WebApp / Custom Integration

Monster Controls

Website / CMS  / SEO / WebApp / Custom Dev

SignDoc USA:<br /> Website / CMS

SignDoc USA

Website / CMS


These are some of the services I provide

Full Stack Web Development

With a strong background in end-to-end application software development, you’re choosing a developer who not only understands the intricate technical details but also considers the bigger picture of your business objectives.

Business Workflow Automation

By harnessing the potential of automation, we empower your organization to focus on what truly matters, eliminating repetitive tasks and allowing your team to channel their efforts into strategic initiatives.


Maximize your online sales potential with our eCommerce expertise, offering a wide array of solutions tailored to your business needs, whether it’s through popular platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce or custom-built solutions designed to propel your success.

Web Applications

Elevate your digital presence with our cutting-edge Web Applications, meticulously crafted using the latest client-side technologies and hosted on robust cloud infrastructure to ensure seamless performance and user satisfaction.

Web Design

Experience the power of captivating Web Design solutions, where aesthetics, functionality, and user experience seamlessly blend to create visually stunning and responsive websites. Your digital presence will leave lasting impressions, resonating with target audiences and driving meaningful engagement.

Non-Profit Services

Empower your non-profit organization with a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance your impact. From facilitating Online Donations and managing Online Event registrations to providing Podcast and Newsletter services, we ensure your non-profit reaches its full potential in connecting with supporters and achieving your meaningful mission.


Achieve enhanced online visibility and accelerated business growth with our specialized SEO/SEM services. Benefit from comprehensive Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing strategies that increase your website’s reach, engage your target audience, and drive higher sales and revenue for your business.

Content Managed Systems

Streamline content management and take control of your online presence with our Content Management Systems. Effortlessly update, organize, and publish content on your website, ensuring a seamless user experience and dynamic engagement with your audience. Whether you need to manage articles, images, videos, or product catalogs, our intuitive CMS solutions empower you to efficiently and effectively manage your digital content.


Ensure optimal website performance and reliability with our robust Hosting solutions. We offer secure and scalable hosting options tailored to meet your specific needs, providing fast loading times and uninterrupted access to your online platform. Rest easy knowing your website is in safe hands, backed by our reliable hosting infrastructure and 24/7 technical support. Focus on growing your business while we handle the complexities of hosting, ensuring your online presence is always up and running smoothly.

Mobile App Development

Unlock a world of possibilities as your ideas come to life with innovative and user-friendly mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms, tailored to your unique requirements. From conceptualization to deployment deliver a seamless and engaging user experience that keeps your audience coming back for more. Take your business to the palms of your users’ hands and experience the true potential of mobile apps.


A showcase of my achievements

I am honored to have partnered with so many incredible businesses.

Years of Web Development Experience

Satisfied Clients

Web Pages Created


Who I am & what I do

Micah Githens


I’m a seasoned Software Engineer and the proud owner of WebWit.pro. With over 20 years of hands-on experience, I specialize in end-to-end software solutions, from concept to deployment.

In my career, I’ve engineered, designed, led, and implemented over 100 digital solutions, covering web, mobile, and desktop applications. My expertise spans many languages and technologies enabling me to create versatile and comprehensive solutions for diverse clients, ranging from startups to large enterprises.

Notable achievements include the complete development of enterprise-level web applications, for the RV Rental/Sales industry and an industrial electronics company. The challenges and experiences throughout my career have shaped me into a versatile developer, capable of tackling diverse requirements with precision and creativity.

As the founder and owner of WebWit my mission is to deliver top-notch websites, web services, and applications that not only meet clients’ expectations but exceed them. I strongly believe that every business deserves a unique online presence that reflects its brand identity and values. By understanding the specific requirements and objectives of each project, I ensure that the solutions I delivers are tailor-made to drive growth and success.

Beyond coding and technology, I’m passionate about Christ, my family, missions, & nature. These passions drive me to stay focused on the future and the present.

Let’s connect! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or exciting collaboration ideas.



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